It is interesting to think about the way that technologies provide storage and communication outlets, however, the technology and process of scholarship is still shaped by the environment in which it exists. This makes me think that it may be easier to create an unequal environment through technology, for those creating the environment are able to do so through a screen and without guilt, as they do not recognize the impact on others. Therefore, keeping scholarly resources only accessible to certain people may not seem like an issue to those who decide who receives access, however, this does not benefit the majority of people, who also deserve to have access to educational resources. The large companies that are in charge of distributing the academic journals do not care that they are disrupting the flow and open access to knowledge. Science is about discovering new things and spreading knowledge, however, the knowledge is instead compressed and not made available.

Your Name: Lea Marrs
Image Source (Recommended): Adioma. “Restricted Access - Icon by Adioma.” Accessed November 9, 2021.
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