My final project for this course was about student work/life balance and how online school has done a lot to hinder students’ ability to separate schoolwork from rest time.  As I worked, it was easy to be discouraged after listening to my friends’ stories about feeling burnt out and exhausted and about feeling that way myself.  But, I remembered advice someone gave me once and I feel that sharing this with the class is an apt way to end my work.  “Be great where your feet are.”  If you’re in class, focus, work hard, and do your best to learn.  If you’re walking home from class, take a moment to look at the changing leaves and enjoy the colors.  When you’re with your friends, put your phone away and take time to be a great friend.  I’ve had practice with this idea this semester.  Sometimes, if there’s an assignment that has to get done, I’ll spend time stressing about the assignment at events like roommate dinners or club events.  I’ve learned that stressing about assignments during times I physically couldn’t be doing them does no good.  I try to remember I’m better off being great where my feet are and coming back revitalized to my work later.  I hope that as the year continues and we head into our new semester, you all have an opportunity to enjoy the moments as they come and focus on greatness where you are at a given time, even if that’s resting with your family over the holidays.

Your Name: Brooke Killingsworth
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