As a part of thinking critically in this course, I found the reading regarding avoiding confirmation bias to be an extremely important one. Especially in the present where most of our lives are controlled by technology, people often don’t have the right facts. Confirmation bias is another example of this. People might search something up and read one thing that’ll confirm their beliefs. But, there are multiple different sources on the web and each might tell you something different. This also digs into another issue of what is true or not. Typically, confirmation bias is an issue with subjective matters. There is no one way something subjective can be right or wrong so I feel like when approaching, researching and figuring out matters like these, it is important to have a holistic and open attitude rather than taking one side and only believing the sources that confirm your side. It will make every person more informed and keep subjective matters less animated. But, of course this can’t really happen because everyone has their own beliefs. Regardless, this is sort of where my head was at in this weeks readings.

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Image Alt Text: An image representing the concept of Confirmation bias with venn diagrams

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