My research this semester has led me down a rabbit-hole of stories and reports surrounding my topic of politics intersecting with sports. There is no better example of this than the 2022 World Cup, held in Qatar, which started today!

While I am no expert on the laws, regulations, and/or all other behind-the-scenes action that goes into selecting a host nation, it is clear to me that this year’s host is shrouded in controversy.

I do not say that in any form of agreement. That is simply how the entire world (aside from Qatar) views it. I am seeing lots of similarities between my research into corrupt governments using their national sports teams as a means to gain political power and gain global attention. Within this competition, I will be watching VERY closely to see certain games, and if there’s any rising tensions between opposing fans whose home countries may be at odds with one another (e.g., USA vs. Iran).

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