I choose this TED Talk about cultivating curiosity because it analyzes a unique aspect of this topic. The TED Talk, called Cultivating Curiosity about Other Ways of Being, describes cultivating curiosity through the lens of individuality and uniqueness throughout different parts of life. The speaker, Kellie Garrett, describes a few different experiences that she has had. One particularly interesting story that she tells is when she was traveling in the Caribbean about thirty years ago. She was inside a small shop alone and a man asked if the child could touch her hair which was very long and blond at the time. Soon, there were many children touching her hair and completely surrounding her. She said that this was the first time she was ever in any type of minority situation because she was the only white person there. At that moment, she realized that “it is fine to be open-minded, but when you are the majority, you are never questioned on what is going on in your mind.” I think this is a very relevant and interesting perspective. This made me realize that I am almost always in situations where I share similar or the same opinions with the other people I’m around. Therefore, I never question any of my beliefs nor do I ever even listen to any other perspectives that do not align with my own.

She has a son with autism and she has faced serious adversity and many issues while coming to terms with his diagnosis and potentially limited future. While getting her son therapy, one of his teachers taught these children with autism that, “there are many kinds of intelligence, and all kinds are intelligent.” I think this is a particularly interesting quote and idea because this perspective is highlighted in college. This period of our lives, especially at Wake Forest, allows us to try and explore different aspects of personality and overall being. We are able to try on which “kinds of intelligence” are most fitting and important. The importance of giving people the freedom to shift and grow into their personalities is essential in the 

The major talking point highlights the value and importance of diversity. I had never truly interpreted diversity as anything other than the intermixing of people from different cultures. However, this TED Talk highlights the importance of diversity of thought and perspective because we do not truly understand and comprehend how close minded we are. Increased interactions with different perspectives can alter your perspective on life which can help yourself and others grow and develop into better individuals for a better society.

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