After watching Joy Buolamwini’s AI, Ain’t I A Women, and Safiya Noble’s Challenging the Algorithms of  Oppression, I have realized the hypersexualization but also a misrepresentation when it comes to black women in search engine results. I am not sure if this is based on the European beauty standards here in America which causes Black women to be seen as masculine that has affected these search engines or if these search engines have affected us into believing there is one beauty standard and if you don’t have these female European features you aren’t considered a woman in the eye of AI. This also ties into the hypersexuality of Black women, when Safiya Noble showed the first results of her searching “black girls” and porn being the first result to pop up shows the dangers of the internet and the sexualization of black women go through even from a young age.

Your Name: Deneaka
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