The podcast that I have been studying is psychology based, so I when creating my annotating sources list, I needed to find some psychology based databases that would help answer my research question. Luckily, my first year seminar from my freshman year, that was psychology based, taught me how to search databases by subject to find databases pertaining to psychology. One should access and navigate to “find a database”, and select the desired subject. For my first year seminar class and for the annotated source list, I used both PsychInfo and Mental Measurements Yearbook. PsychInfo provides information on any kind of psychology based journal, study, etc. It is usually my go to option when I am first looking into a new topic. Mental Measurements Yearbook specifically finds tests that created and tested, and the database explains the validity and reliability for each test so you can make you’re own assumptions based on their tests. Both of these database finders are very helpful for any psychology finder, and I have found that searching databases by subject is one of the most efficient way to research any subject.

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