Google’s recent developments may be a cause for concern. The search engine has a new feature that provides excerpts from websites that appear to match with what one searches, meaning that information can be quickly accessed without even going directly to the website. However, this may be problematic, according to Feldman in “Google’s Dangerous Identity Crisis.” The feature attempts to directly answer the question and uses keywords to create its convenient answer, but certain searches trigger the usage of misleading websites, often containing misleading or completely wrong information. Although the highlight box is definitely easier than reading an entire article, it might be a bit of a gamble whether or not the information is accurate or completely useless. 

I actually found this article to be quite helpful, because I often use this search highlight when I am in a rush. I realized that the information it gives me isn’t always the answer I was assuming I’d get, but I had know idea that it could be misinformation. I think that this method could almost be considered dangerous in some cases, especially considering how widely used it is. I hope that people realize they should not fully trust the highlighted box information.

Your Name: Kenton Bachmann
Image Source (Recommended): Simon Brew
Image Alt Text: The Problems Facing Google