The Holidays are a busy time for shopping, but it can also be a great time for saving as well. So, you can use the power of nudge to protect your finances during the Holiday season. Here are some tips to stay in your budget and mitigate some impulse buys. The first thing is to establish a budget. If you never establish a budget, you won’t know how much to spend. Now, here are some super easy ways to prevent yourself from going outside of this budget. Turn of one click shopping online. This will mitigate impulse buys, which is exactly what online shopping want you to do. So avoid it. Next, if you are buying gifts in person, try and only buy one a day. This will also limit impulse buys and allow you to track your budget more closely. The last tip is to use a price comparison app. This is so easy to do and will ensure you are not getting the short end of the stick in any deal. These tips are so easy to follow and will make sure you do not overspend. So, be rational, be homo economicus, and save money. Don’t impulse buy, and don’t be nudged into buying something that isn’t in your budget or on your shopping list.

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