Something that bothers me from time to time is academic dishonesty. In today’s world of online exams and online resources, it can be very easy for students to seek help elsewhere and it can make the classroom unfair for students. I have always been confused when teachers give exams online and at home and get upset when kids cheat. If you do not want kids to cheat, give the exam in person and in writing on paper. It is really that simple. In my opinion, teachers should not be surprised or upset when they don’t make their own exams, give them online, and do not monitor them… The answer to quell cheating is very simple and I do not understand why it has not been implemented yet.

Now I am not one to complain, and I get that the world is full of people who cheat, and that does not bother me as much any more. However, I feel that the most effective way to prevent academic dishonesty is a simple solution and if teachers do not follow the pathway of giving in person exams that they themselves have created.. then it is on them for kids cheating.

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