After the Lakers played the Trail Blazers on Wednesday night LeBron James had a postgame press conference where he brought up a photo that has recently surfaced of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones blocking the entrance of black students to his high school. Lebron referenced the fact that he felt as a black man and athlete that the media is quicker to judge and attack them rather than white athletes and men. He referenced his former teammate Kyrie Irving who made some antisemitic comments about Jewish people as an example of the media continually criticizing him and while he said it was warranted that he felt that the Jerry Jones photo surfaced and then was brushed under the rug. The photo that surfaced was from over 60 years ago and Jones made a brief statement about how he was there but not participating in any of the harassment of the students. James acknowledged that this happened a long time ago, but his issue with the situation was the lingering questions and harassment for Kyrie and other black athletes and the seemingly quick brush over by reporters for Jerry Jones’ situation. I think that if the media had continued to question Jerry Jones instead of just accepting his brief statement then LeBron James would’ve never brought this up during his press conference. I was curious after listening and reading about this press conference if the modern day media truly is harsher on black athletes?

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