This past week was one of the biggest weekends of college football.

Rivalry Weekend!

So much happened that killed many teams’ College Football Playoff hopes and reopened a path for other teams.

The biggest rivalry and the biggest game of the weekend was the Ohio State vs Michigan at the Horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio. This was a huge game not just because of the rivalry but because of the fact it was 2 OSU vs 3 UM. This rivalry has gone on since 1897. What makes it a rivalry you might ask?

It’s the fact that these teams want to win at all costs. The fans get hyped for it because usually, the teams are playing to get into the Big 10 Championship game as well. And if not, a team can play spoiler because all the players want to win for bragging rights.

This year Michigan ran away with the game in the 3rd quarter with the final score being 45-23. This is the 2nd straight year Michigan has won the big game. Michigan winning back-to-back games hasn’t happened since the 1999 and 2000 seasons.

This game knocked Ohio State out of the college playoff for now and solidified Michigan’s bid. For Ohio State now, it’s a waiting game. Hoping teams like USC or TCU lose in their championship games.

Other teams that killed their chances of making the College Football Playoff this week were number 5 (9-2) LSU losing to Texas A & M and number 7 (10-1) Clemson losing to South Carolina.

Rivalry weekend has come and gone, but the rivalries will continue and return next year. Hopefully, creating even more chaos as it did this year.

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