The past few weeks, we have read a number of articles regarding scholarship and information privilege, a privilege that we as Wake Forest students have. After reading these articles, I have spent some time thinking about the very cyclical nature of information privilege. Often times, one must be a student or scholar at a university in order to have access to scholarship in the first place. And scholarship often leads to the development of other scholarship. There is an obvious pipeline, and it is obvious that pretty much only those involved in some form of higher-education can read and publish scholarship. This is a hard issue to combat, since open access could potentially lead to scholars not being compensated for their work. I am curious to know what you all think could be effective ways to give more people this privilege, or if you think the issue is more of a college admissions issue than an information privilege issue. I think the issue is multi-faceted, and that one small way to combat it is to use the scholarship that we have access to to benefit the world as a whole, not just those with access to higher-education.

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