After reading the article, “Media Literacy Is About Where To Spend Your Trust. But You Have To Spend It Somewhere.” I could not have agreed more. The article discusses how students have been taught to be so wary of what they find on the internet and to question the validity of whatever they see, that sometimes students end up trusting nothing on the internet. This is a problem. Then students end up not learning and expending their mind.

I was actually guilty of doing this from time to time in the past. I was so cynical of the news and things on the internet I found myself closing my mind to new possibilities and information. It is necessary to only spend your trust after careful examination of a source of information, however your trust must eventually be spent. The article mentions societies without trust are very dangerous.

The article highlighted a scenario where a scholarly article had 34 citations in Google Scholar, and students were still not convinced it was a valid, credible source.

I think the point this article is trying to make is students need to learn how to trust, not to read every piece of information trying to not trust it. It is important to be question, and verify certain pieces of information, but the goal should not be to prove something’s invalidity, but to actually learn and expand the mind.

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