Spotify Wrapped has become an annual trend that has taken over social media. Spotify users get a breakdown of their top songs and artists listened that they listened to, the amount of time spent in a year listening to music, and other data summaries. But what has become the most exciting part of this trend is the sharing of it, and seeing what others’ Spotify Wrapped is. The day it comes out, posts of the info take over all social media outlets and some people love it while others get annoyed. One thing is for sure is that it is intriguing to see the genres someone listens to or what their top songs are because it shows a little more about that person’s personality I believe. Through this trend, Spotify has managed to encompass this idea that their app is more than just listening to music and rather a way to show who you are. Allow me to explain:

Our relationship with music is more than just entertainment. It’s an expressive measure to show some aspects of a person’s personality. Maybe they are a little more extroverted and expressive if they listen to pop, have an “old soul” if they like country and classic rock or are a little more aggressive in nature if they like metal or rock. There’s no right answer to the music someone listens to, but there are different types of music for a reason: it’s all about what people connect to based on who they are. In this same fashion, there’s no right answer to a Spotify Wrapped but Spotify has managed to create a trend that lets other people see more about each other. And that’s why I think it has become so successful.

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