This weeks readings on information privilege really opened my eyes to something I never really thought about. All of us here are entities of a top university in America, so because of that we are seemingly at the top of this privilege ladder. But, the readings made me really think about people that aren’t in the same situation as us. Does your affiliation and status really effect how you know? The answer would’ve been a lot more simple before any of this technology we have nowadays – yes it definitely does. But, the world we live in today is a virtual machine. Everywhere you go you have people on their phones, computers or some sort of electronic technology. This changes the answer, I feel like tech really evened the playing field in terms of information. You can go to even the low status neighborhoods and find some sort of electronic device in each home. Because of this, people in power would seemingly have the same information as the people not in power. For example, NBA superstar Anthony Davis recalled the time he got traded to the Lakers, “I was just scrolling through instagram and saw that I got traded.” Instagram found out before him. This was what sparked in my mind from this weeks readings.

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