I was surprised to learn about the costs of the resources used in higher education. This is a ridiculous amount of money! If the school did not pay for these resources, I doubt students would ever have access to such resources. We already pay a lot for textbooks and personally, I would not pay for a $4,000 chemistry journal no matter how impressive and interesting it may be. It worries me that I will not have access to academic resources that I use for research and studying once I leave WFU. I think it is unfair that resources the population fund are allowed to be restricted from those who are paying the taxes that aid the creation of the resources. This hinders the educational advancements of many people. Who gets the money that people have to additionally pay to read a scholarly article if they do not attend an academic instruction? Why are we restricting the educational advancements of the general population?

Your Name: Lea Marrs
Image Source (Recommended): “College Costs - Mike Keefe Political Cartoon, 07/15/2004.” https://www.intoon.com/cartoons.cfm/id/1383.
Image Alt Text: High Costs in Higher Education