While researching my podcast, I stumbled upon this article and thought it would be great to share. It provides excellent insight into the challenges and strengths that veterans bring to the workforce. It highlights the different paths these men and women have taken in life and how they can better a business after the military. Veterans are generally very task-oriented and exceed most expectations of their employers compared to their civilian co-workers. Veterans have a hard time applying for jobs because they have skills that are so specific to military life that they do not translate well into civilian jobs. It was noted in Ohio, that veterans in civilian jobs advanced 31% faster than civilians. It is also a tax write-off if a business hires a certain number of veterans. It is unfortunate that the key obstacle holding veterans back is the application process. Veterans have stated that this is the hardest part about looking for a job. I thought this was important to share because it highlights many good reasons why veterans should be prioritized in the workforce.

Your Name: Ford Smith
Image Source (Recommended): https://unsplash.com/s/photos/veterans-day
Image Alt Text: The image is of a soldier saluting the American flag

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