Veterans already face a multitude of problems when trying to integrate into civilian life. They must find a new job that more than likely requires specialized training and navigate life without the structure of the military. Veterans with disabilities face even more problems as they have to acclimate to life with a large hindrance whether that be a physical or mental disability.  There are more than 6 million veterans that have a disability at this point and it is extremely difficult for them to find jobs. Employers need to overcome the stigma of not hiring veterans because they do not think they can learn the skills necessary for civilian jobs. Another thing that employers need to consider is the fact that these veterans have overcome their disabilities and have adapted to life with them. These brave men and women are working without arms or legs and have not given up. It should be an inspiring thing for employers to see and it should be a reason for employers to want to hire them. If a person can overcome a lifelong impediment, then they can surely overcome learning some new skills for a civilian job.


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