Over the course of this past week, I’ve been thinking. Next week is going to feel weird, really weird. No classes to rush in and out of, no scheduled meetings with professors, none of it. Thinking about it reminds me of my first semester at Wake (Spring 2021), when we were in the middle of strict COVID-19 restrictions. All of my classes were online, the Pit was takeout only, and masks had to be worn literally everywhere indoors.

Now, that’s not to say finals week will look remotely close to that by any means. My main memory from that locked down, slow moving first semester was my lack of motivation for my academics. Having no classes to really attend (in person) made it hard for me to put forth my full effort. What scares me most is that I could find myself in that same slump when it matters most. On a more specific level, there have been moments throughout the second half of this semester where I’ve thought I’ve finished all my work, but then remembered about a discussion post on Slack or Blog post I hadn’t made yet for this class!

All in all, I know I’m not the only one out here who isn’t the biggest fan of online classes. That’s all I wanted to share!

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